Sony Music’s Arcade Creative Group hosts latest Luxury Marketing Council Panel

—Arcade’s President & Founder joins panel—

The Luxury Marketing Council’s latest networking and panel event was hosted at Sony’s New York Headquarters in the Sony Club at 25 Madison last Wednesday evening. The event featured an intriguing panel discussion on a variety of marketing-related topics such as product marketing versus consumer experiences, travel’s effect on the retail industry and various highlights and predictions from 2016 and into 2017. The panel consisted of Sony Music’s Arcade Creative Group founder and president, Adam Owett, who cited a key marketing learning from the recent presidential election is simplifying consumer messages to a single core thought that a brand can own and a consumer can easily digest.

Adam Owett, President of Arcade Creative Group, addresses the audience as a Luxury Marketing Council panelist

The event included members from a wide variety of industries and categories all related to luxury goods and services, including Tiffany and Christies. Said Sherif Shafi, Arcade’s VP of Brand Innovation and New Business, “The Luxury Marketing Council events are a great way for members and special guests to share business highlights, lessons and challenges as well as learn and be inspired by the stimulating panel discussions and this event was among the best so far”. 

Sherif Shafi, VP of Brand Innovation at Arcade Creative Group, welcomes members to the latest Luxury Council event

The night was capped by a terrific musical performance by some of Arcade Creative Group’s very own musicians, including Sr. Account Director Chris Batten and SVP Creative Director Eric Slovin.

About The Luxury Marketing Council

The Luxury Marketing Council is a business-building, revenue-generating GLOBAL COMMUNITY of CEOs and CMOs considered THE leader in the field of luxury marketing, setting “the gold standard” for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace and inspiring luxury brands to more creatively and profitably work together.

About Arcade Creative Group

Arcade is the only advertising, design and music marketing agency born out of a global record company. Just as we connect artists to fans, we connect brands to consumers, in deeply emotional and memorable ways to increase cultural relevancy.   We don’t just understand culture, we create it.

About the Speakers

Adam Owett, President, Arcade Creative Group

Elhadji Gueye, Founder, Maison de Haj

Sandy Edry, President, Edry Team/Keller Williams

Anne Dayton, VP, Sr. Director Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Collectrium

Claudia Cividino, CEO, Bally

Othmar von Blumencron, VP Sales & Marketing, VIPdesk Connect

Jean-Marc Bellaiche, SVP Strategy and Business Development, Tiffany & Co.

















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