Arcade at the iAS Sales Summit: Bold Predictions for 2017

Sony Music’s Arcade Creative Group Media & Strategy SVP Kyle Sherwin joined a 5 person panel
Wednesday morning at Integral Ad Science’s Global Sales Summit in Jersey City, NJ on Wednesday.

The panel was a point/counter-point discussion on major topics affecting the digital media and
advertising industry such as Transparency, Viewability, The Rise of Ad-Free Content Services and
Client-Side Tech v Outsourcing.

Other panelists besides Kyle included Sarah Warner from GroupM, Mitch Weinstein from IPG,
Rita Gutkovich from Dentsu’ Empower and Jeff Liang from Media Assembly. Sarah Warner
predicted that Viewability would become a commodity within the next year or two while
Mitch Weinstein outlined why despite some transparency issues, Agency-Client relationships
Are stronger than ever as agencies are more instrumental than ever in helping marketers
navigate the complex world of ad fraud, monitoring, blocking and intelligent ad targeting.

Said Kyle, “It’s important that ad tech and sales organizations invite outsiders to these summits
because as customers or competitive customers we can add a perspective that will be meaningfully
beneficial to their staff. iAS was very open and honest about wanting to know very directly our
individual positions on critical subjects and understand what they are doing well and where
their competitors may be leaders in the category”.

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