Arcade Creative Group and MTA – Second Ave Station – Art & Design of Subway Station

To coincide with the Second Avenue Station launch, the MTA Arts & Design Department and Governor’s Office approached Arcade Creative Group to create a video featuring the station’s contemporary artwork and artists involved in designing these momentous creations. Following in-depth on-location shoots to all four stations (63rd / 72nd / 86th / 96th) – Arcade was able to capture the essence and multicultural vibe these modern stations possessed.

 In addition, the video featured invaluable interviews with the iconic and up-oncoming artists (Chuck Close, Sarah Sze, Vik Muniz and Jean Shin) involved in the fabrication of each station’s artwork.

 Drawing thousands of riders during it’s inaugural New Years Day opening and with 200,000 New Yorkers already taking the Second Avenue Subway to date. This essential video promoting the stations’ contemporary public artwork will serve as a platform to keep drawing New Yorkers into the UES.

Furthermore, The Second Avenue Station Video was introduced by Governor Cuomo during the press event launch at the Museum of Modern Art and was also featured in the



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