Arcade Creative Group Launches “This Is Certified” Microsite & Logo Creation for Sony Music, Legacy Recordings new brand “Certified Classics”.

Undisputed Classics of Hip Hop & R&B. Rediscover music and artists that defined the 80’s, 90s, & early 2000’s.

Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings recently announced their new urban music brand — Certified Classics. Legacy Recordings represents over 75 years of music including R&B and hip-hop artists including NAS.   Adam Block, President of Legacy Recordings, stated, “The records of the classic hip-hop and contemporary R&B eras are bridges to the pop and youth cultures of the 21st century. Certified Classics is proud to be making this music available to longtime fans of hip-hop culture while introducing these groundbreaking artists’ albums and singles and the often incredible stories behind them to new generations of music lovers.”

Arcade Creative Group is proud to have contributed to the brand identity of this exciting new venture. The logo, which was created by our Associate Art Director, Olivia, tells the story of what inspired it, “The C in the logo represents the shadows cast by NYC public housing buildings, where hip hop was born (1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, to be specific). Plus, a large number of the greatest rappers of all time came out of the projects.”



Arcade has also been extending their creative services into the digital world by designing digital ads, websites, and microsites including the Certified Classics site –

Patrick, Arcade’s digital designer explains the design of the Certified site, “Our approach for the Design of the Certified Microsite was to accurately represent the look and feel Certified as a brand, but also set clever marketing tactics in place so Certified will be capable of retrieving data about the user’s interest in video content, newsletters and sharing the brand through socials.

When you land on the website, the video background is meant to intrigue the user and create excitement about the brand. There are also two sections of the website that allow the user to sign up for The Certified newsletter, and another option on the site to share to socials.

There is a media kit on the website that will be updated frequently so users can download exclusive artist imagery natively to their devices.

We believe that Certified will eventually have ownership of Legacy Hip Hop and R&B content on the web. We are excited to be continue contributing to the advancement and inevitable success of this brand.”


Stock Image: freepik