Arcade Case Studies

At Arcade Creative Group we conceive and execute music-based programs that help brands connect with consumers on a deeply human and emotional level. We commence with an insight-driven strategy and concept consistent with the overall essence, positioning and imperatives of the brand. Working with management and talent collaboration is in our DNA—and thus we also work very closely with various brand partners whether they be media, public relations or brand AORs. The jointly developed idea comes first and then we bring to bear any number of solutions from bespoke artist tours and experiential music productions to the creation of original content through our in-house production unit.
Additionally, we leverage the power and efficiency of our global reach for full content clearances and business affairs and legal work—all of which makes the process smooth for partner agencies and brands. The below case studies are a sample representation of our brand work and success in many of these areas.
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TV Adverising

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AXE “One Night Only”


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Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

Campaign Launch

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